My short story:

Hey guys!!! It’s been a while, but I’m coming back with something that’s very important to me. A short story!!! I️ love writing and this is the beginning of something that hopefully will someday be much bigger. Please read and tell me what you think!

Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I look around the room that I’ve been forced to live in for the past eleven years. I’m sitting on the small, stiff bed in the middle of my tiny room under a thin blanket. The walls are a dark brown color with no pictures or windows, only two doors, one locked and the other leading to my small bathroom. The floor is cold and stone. There is a dresser in the corner of the room, and next to the bed a small table with a lamp on top, but that is all furniture wise. Looking at the door on the other side of the room, I pray that it opens today and that I’m not all alone again.The need for human interaction overpowers the fear I have of them. I don’t know if they mean to torture me by leaving me all alone, but it hurts more than any physical torture ever could.

I stretch and groan in pain feeling the metal bite into my upper arm. The coven who has me trapped here doesn’t want me to be able to use my powers, so they put these sharp, metal cuffs on me. These cuffs are cursed so that anyone who wears them is powerless. The side that goes into my skin is sharp and thorny to the point that I bled on-and-off for days after they first put them on me, while the side going outwards is smooth and cold.

I stand up and head into the bathroom. Looking in the mirror I see a skinny shell of a person in tattered clothes and feel ashamed. Being stuck here mostly alone with my thoughts hurts me more than anyone here will ever understand. I have no way to fix my predicament, but I long to escape.

Through the thin bathroom walls I hear people talking in hushed tones, and I lean my ear against the wall to hear them. “- the other covens now know, if we keep her anymore there will be war,” says someone urgently.

“No one will find out that we have her until it’s time. We did so much work to get the child, there is no way we can give her up now.” this person sounded like someone of authority and I immediately feel concerned. I don’t do well with authority.

“We’ve killed her parents, the two most powerful witches, to get her. By letting her go, the other covens will know what we a capable of and come for us. She’s the only weapon we have to use against them.” I tune them out after that, as confusion and anger fills my mind.

My parents had died in a car crash, with me as the only survivor when I was only five years old. At least that’s what has been shoved down my throat all these years. They tried to convince me that they saved me and that I should be grateful to them. But how could I be grateful for what is slowly torturing me to death? What hurts even more is that the torture they are providing me with won’t actually kill me, when all I want to do some days is die.

My eyes fill with angry tears. I’m an orphan because of them! I’m alone and hurt because of this coven! The people in this coven have destroyed me and expected me to respect them. I grip the side of the sink, trying to rein in my silent sobs and emotions. After a few minutes I remove my hands and the deep breath I had taken gets stuck in my throat. Where my hands had been are two charcoal handprints. I brush against one of the prints and the black soot comes off. How did I do that? The cuffs are supposed to prevent things like this. Am I stronger than I thought? And if I am what does that mean for me?

I go back into my room as the door that will hopefully someday lead to my freedom opens. “Hey,” I say meekly. Jared is a tall, lanky guy with sandy brown hair and freckles. He’s also the only person here who has shown me even a shred of kindness, but then again he’s also the only one who actually talks to me.

He gives me a concerned look and asks, “Beth honey have you been crying ?”

I look away from him avoiding his question, “This is my hell and you know it, so yes I am freaking crying,” taking a deep breath to calm down I mutter, “please help me leave.” I’m not above begging if it comes down to it, even though I have little hope that it’ll work, after all I’ve been here for years and he still hasn’t helped me.

“You know I can’t do that. You are important in ways that you will someday come to realize,” he says trying to sound comforting, but just really ticking me off.

“Jared I can’t live like this anymore! I’m begging you.” He looks at me for a long moment. Finally he shakes his head sadly and leaves the room.

How dare he, I feel like crying knowing that my only ‘friend’ here wouldn’t even help me. I grit my teeth and look down at my hands, thinking about what had happened just a few minutes ago. Anger and the need for revenge fills me as I think about them killing my parents. If no one will help me, then I guess I just need to help myself. I take a deep breath and try to force out any energy I can. I gasp as immense pain fills me and a pile of hot ash falls to the ground from my hands. My arms are bleeding again, but I don’t care as I begin to realize that I might be able to overcome these cuffs.

—————- Five Months Later ——————

Today is finally my 17 birthday, and I have big plans for it. Since the day that I learned about the actual cause of my parents death I’ve let icy cold seep into my veins and red hot lava thaw it out. In other words I’ve practiced each day little by little and have learned how to do everything from fire to ice magic. Turns out that leaving me alone so much has dramatically backfired on them. It’s given me time to learn dangerous magic and to develop what I would call murderous tendencies.

The pain in my arms are the worse than they’ve ever been and I’ve suffered from frequent nightmares that involve fiery deaths and explosions since I’ve started trying to overcome the cuffs, but it’s all worth it. I’m confident that I can defeat them, and that I’m getting out today. I have to if I don’t I’ll go even more insane.

Today on the dot Jared opens the door and I take a deep breath preparing for what needs to be done.

“Hey, I convinced the kitchen staff to prepare a piece of birthday cake!” He says cheerfully. I want to roll my eyes at him; he’s so naive. Does he really think that ‘cake’ will make me feel better? I just raise my hands slowly and turn to look at him.

“You know how you keep refusing to help save me from this prison?” I ask coldly, “Yeah you really shouldn’t have done that.” I shoot a blast of cold fury at him, and freezing him onto the wall before he can even utter a word. Well at least this room has some decorations now.

I thought about sparing his life, I really did. I’m just too numb for the mercy of someone who’s kept me in this place for so long. I walk out to the corridor that keeps this room a secret to anyone else who isn’t a coven member and visits the mansion. It’s been years since I’ve left that room, so I don’t really know which way to go. That’s fine I’ll just have to look for the exit, and I’m happy to kill anyone who gets in my way.

I open a large door, and realize that I’ve made a happy accident. Looks like I’ve interrupted a meeting of sorts. Everyone sitting at a large table in the middle of the room stops talking and turns to look at me. I see my coven leader and grit my teeth harder. He’s done things that I’ve blocked out in all of these years, but now they come flooding back. This’ll be fun.

“Guards!” The leader yells from the table. Sighing I flick my hands up turning all of the running guards into black ash.

“Bye,” I say with a wave of my hand as trying to do the same to everyone else at the table.

I kill a few of them but the coven leader blocks my attempt and starts fighting back. I hate him more than any of these people, he’s done things to me that only I know about. He’s forced me to keep these secrets that burn inside of me. He got away with torturing me and then leaving me in a room alone for years, he deserves everything that’s coming at him.

It’s fire against fire, so I decide to switch it up to see what happens. Truth be told I don’t really care if I survive this, I just have to escape the loneliness and pain. I turn my fire to water and it quiches his powers. I push the water farther into him and shove it down his throat. I laugh as he makes gurgling noises and claws at his throat, begging to breath. “Sorry, not sorry,” I say smugly as he finishes choking to death.

I smile down at his corpse not letting myself feel bad for what I’ve done… yet. I know I’m going to break after this but I’d rather fall apart in freedom than as a prisoner. I look around the room picking up a file covered in blood from the table. Flipping through it I decide that it might be something of interest so I fold it up and stick in my jacket pocket. I realize I’ve made a mistake when two guards come from behind me and grab my arms. I take a deep breath deciding just how I should kill them.

“Don’t move!” One of them yells into my ear as they shove me onto my knees. Ouch, they really should know by now not to touch me. Ice it is. They gasp as they begin slowly freezing to death.

I hear voices in the hallway and while I do want to make everyone here pay for what happened to my parents and me, I really don’t want another death to feel guilty about later. I look at the large windows in the room and burst them into a million shards of glass. I run through middle window and fall from a pretty large height. I’ve forgotten just how tall the mansion is. I use my powers to try to soften the blow, but it still ends up hurting my ankle just a little. I begin running away from the building, when I realize that what looks the entire coven is running after me and trying to use their powers together to stop me. Wow, am I really worth all of this power?

I look down at my arms that are completely covered in blood, most of it my own from the cuffs, and I realize that I might not have enough strength left. I can’t stop now, I can’t go back to the way thing were. Panicking, I raise my arms trying to shoot whatever I have left out of me, into them. It feels like I’m shooting my entire soul out, and I feel empty afterwards. Nothing happens. I’m really going to die today.

I hear a crack and panic thinking that it’s them attacking me, until I realize that it’s the coven’s mansion making the noise. I look up just in time to see it burst into flames and quickly collapse. Wait, I did that? Oh my god, I just killed everyone left in that building. I feel like throwing up knowing that most of the people left in there were children not old enough to come out here and stop me.

I aim my despair and fury of what I had just done at the oncoming people running towards me. I see them get raised slowly off the ground and their eyes go wide just before they all explode into a burst of blood and flesh. I gasp, I didn’t mean to kill them that way. I only wanted to freeze them above the ground to give me a chance to escape. Tears fall down my cheek as the sky rains down with their blood and flesh, mixing with the ash coming from the now destroyed mansion. I throw up into a nearby bush. The air smells like death, vomit, and sorrow. I find it harder and harder to breathe.

“I’m sorry,” I whisper in the direction of the mansion, knowing that those young children didn’t deserve what I had done. I remember hearing children’s laughter through the thin walls of my room and feeling a little bit of joy in my awful predicament, and I just destroyed them. Tears run down my cheeks, but looking towards the field now covered in the blood of the coven adults my feelings change.

“You all turned me into this!” I yell feeling a break down hit me squarely in the face, “You are the reason why this happened! You killed my parents, and made me slowly go insane! Well here I am are you happy now that I finally broke?”

I realize that I’m yelling at a bunch of dead people, that I’ve killed, and can’t stand here anymore, so I run. I run until my bare feet are bleeding. I run until I feel myself calm down. I’m a monster for doing this, an awful monster. I know I really am a monster, but at least now I’m a free one now.

Now more focused I see a car parked in a driveway of some small store and decide to ‘borrow’ it. I begin driving in the direction away from my coven’s now non-existent mansion. With my heart cold, I drive away from the destruction, away from the pain. It’s finally over.

As always, hope y’all have a great day and we’ll see you in our next post!

-MLC 💜

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