We’re back!!!

Hey guys, so…I’m back!! Now, don’t be mad that we gone for so long, but a lot of things were happening!! I️ bet you can’t guess what they were!!! Ok, so for a while I️ have been wanting this new pet and they always say it is better to get it from a breeder and I’m from possibly the smallest town ever(not true but it is small) so there isn’t a Breeder for what I️ wanted anywhere near here so I️ had to go 2 hours away to get her! But it was a fun experience because my I️ went with MLC and got to look at a lot of other animals as well so it was worth it plus she is so sweet!! Do you want to know what I️ got?? I️ got a created gecko, now if you don’t know what that is I️ want you to go look up pinstriped crested gecko and you should get something that looks pretty similar to her, I’ll even insert and image of her below. I️ ended up naming her willow and if I️ don’t post for awhile again I’m sorry because with it being thanksgiving I️ have I️ spend time the family plus my grandma is in the hospital so sorry in advance!!

As always hope y’all have a great day and we’ll see you in our next post!!


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