I’m a poet… kinda #2

Hey guys, so as you know we are taking a creative writing class and we have been doing sonnets and quatrains. Now, I know that MLC already posted hers, but I thought I would post mine….

1.) Sonnet:

Peering into someone’s eyes shows the soul

You see it slip away when someone cries

And sometimes leaves for time if it is stole

But leaves altogether when someone dies

Listening to someone’s words shows the heart

Sometimes you hear the heart is cold as ice

Other times you see that we had restart

But sometimes see we had to sacrifice

Watching reactions that are on the face

Shows the passing emotions and the fear

And with some of them you have to embrace

But with some others you have to deter

The body shows the feelings that you keep

And let’s them out in the dreams that you sleep



2.) Is death ice cold traveling in your veins

Or is it warmth going through your body

Do you have to sit while it takes the regins

Or will it let you become somebody

Before you leave will it let you come known,

Before it can be stopped will you black out,

Before it takes you will you regin the throne,

Or before you leave will the world can you shout

Will you be able to suck back in your life

Or will you except the fact that you will die

Will you get to say goodbye to your wife

Or leave before you get to say goodbye

We all know nothing can stop you from death

Because nothing can stop you from taking that final breath

3.) Quatrain:


Used to living with the water near

The birds are always traveling here

Up into the sky we peer

Only to see them arrive another year


I loved him, but he didn’t love me

I fell for something I could not see

It was like a stab into my heart

Now it’s time for me to restart


The morning sunshine shines so bright

Telling me it’s time to start the day

I wish I couldn’t see the light

If only the sky was thunderstorm grey

Finish line:

Wind blows the hair into my face

As I ride to the starting line on my bike

Going against a guy I don’t really like

But guess what, I actually won that race


Peering into someone eyes

Usually leads you to the soul

You see it crack when someone cries

But leaves altogether when someone dies

That concludes some of the poems we have done in class, the second sonnet isn’t that good just so you know. Hope y’all have a great day, we’ll see you in our next post!


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