September Book Haul!!!

Hey guys, I am back and if you can’t already tell by the title I am doing something a little different today. Today I am doing a book haul! So, I recently went to Barnes and Noble and got a bunch of books because who doesn’t love books, right?? And I’ve been wanting the read these books for a while so I thought why not? As I was checking out I was like this would be a great opportunity for a book haul so here I am(plus the cashier was like wow that’s a lot of books)! Lets get started…

The first book series picked up to buy was the Hush Hush series, it’s like it called to me (probably because I have been there so much that I knew exactly where the series was) so I grabbed them all and handed them to my mother to hold because you can’t shop for more books with full hands!!

The second book series I grabbed to buy was the shadow falls series so I grabbed it, but my mom was like why are you getting so many books! You haven’t even read the whole ACOTAR Series yet! I was like ” I’m already half way through the 3rd book I think I’ll need some books to read soon” Then she was like fine, so are these the books you are going to read next. I was like no I’ve already read these then she was like well shouldn’t you get books you haven’t read, so long story short I put those books back and grabbed the books I want to read which are….

The full beautiful creatures series because even though some people didn’t particularly like them I still want to read them

The first 3 books of the Throne of Glass series because Sarah J Maas!!! I mean, come on, she is amazing so I have to read that series.

The full Alice and zombie land series because I read the first book and loved it but stopped after it and I really need to finish the series!

The first 2 books in the splintered series because MLC read them and really liked them so I thought I would read them!

P.S. I still have like over 100 items on my wishlist at Barnes and Noble and some of them are box sets so I’m expecting a lot for Christmas and I am determined to get some more before then!

Don’t forget to leave your recommendations in the comments below or on our new “leave recommendations” page!

Hope y’all have a nice day, we’all see you in our next post!


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