First blog post – This is some quality stuff (JK) Enjoy anyway😂

This is the post excerpt.

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Thanksgiving Tag-ish

Hey guys, we're back with another tag(kinda). I️ thought that since it is so close to thanksgiving I️ would make a, I'm sorry if someone already created this tag and if they have definitely credit goes to them and sorry if I️ stole your tag so.... where you tell what your dream thanksgiving would... Continue Reading →

My short story:

Hey guys!!! It's been a while, but I'm coming back with something that's very important to me. A short story!!! I️ love writing and this is the beginning of something that hopefully will someday be much bigger. Please read and tell me what you think! Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I look around... Continue Reading →

We’re back!!!

Hey guys, so...I'm back!! Now, don't be mad that we gone for so long, but a lot of things were happening!! I️ bet you can't guess what they were!!! Ok, so for a while I️ have been wanting this new pet and they always say it is better to get it from a breeder and... Continue Reading →

The Candy Book Tag

Hey guys, we are back with another tag!!!! Today we are doing the candy book tag which we saw over at ChellesBookRamblings and if you haven't already go check out her blog. Similar to her we thought what a better way to celebrate Halloween then to do a candy book tag?!?! Without further ado lets get... Continue Reading →

Something I’ve written 

So I really enjoy writing fiction and stories and have decided to post one, please give me your honest opinions if you feel like it! Here we go: What is the point? I wondered this as I look towards the front of the classroom willing my eyes not to tear up. Another F that's all... Continue Reading →

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