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Something I’ve written┬á

So I really enjoy writing fiction and stories and have decided to post one, please give me your honest opinions if you feel like it! Here we go: What is the point? I wondered this as I look towards the front of the classroom willing my eyes not to tear up. Another F that's all... Continue Reading →

I’m a poet… kinda #2

Hey guys, so as you know we are taking a creative writing class and we have been doing sonnets and quatrains. Now, I know that MLC already posted hers, but I thought I would post mine.... 1.) Sonnet: Peering into someone's eyes shows the soul You see it slip away when someone cries And sometimes... Continue Reading →

I’m a Poet… Kinda┬á

So I'm in a creative writing class where we've been doing a lot of poetry. I've decided to post my Shakespearean Sonnets because I worked really hard on them. These might suck but on the bright side at least you get in your daily cringe in.      1. I believe in you, but you... Continue Reading →

September Book Haul!!!

Hey guys, I am back and if you can't already tell by the title I am doing something a little different today. Today I am doing a book haul! So, I recently went to Barnes and Noble and got a bunch of books because who doesn't love books, right?? And I've been wanting the read... Continue Reading →

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